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About Us

China Import Export Facilities (C.I.E.F) is a logistic company founded in 2014. Our aim is to help the Small and Medium (SME) business owner to ship their products and goods from China to Malaysia. With this in mind, C.I.E.F provides a series of shipping services including sea shipping, customs clearance, logistic documentation solution, invoice solution, and professional advice that can contribute to a smooth shipping process.

By Founder of CIEF

“I always told all my employees that we should not be a porter who only carries goods, because It will only move from point A to point B. We are a “private import assistant“ who wants to be a reliable assistant for small and medium businesses where we personally help them to complete the import process that only large companies have the ability to complete in the past” - Founder of CIEF

Our Address

3730, Persiaran Apec, Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia