Our Story

Complementary Medicine Provider

We are the longest established wellness centre offering evidence-based complementary medical therapies for chronic health problems. 

Knowledge and clinical experience gained in the past decades enable us to extend our chronic health management expertise to industries for developing sustained productivity and peak performance programs among senior executives, managers and directors in private sector industries.

Leading Provider of the field

We aim to be the leader in providing innovative, cutting-edge, 
and evidence-based complementary therapies for achieving your optimum health.

Company Benefits

knowledge echancement

Being passionate in education and self-improvement, the company offers various incentive for self-improvement on the job.

People-centric management

Regular team bonding activities to enhance teamwork and communication, ie: makan session, movie night, birthday celebrations and outdoor activities

Complementary Medical Checkup

Yearly Medical Checkup for staff and extended benefits for immendiate family members.

Our Address

B.08/01, 1st Floor, Block B, Garden City Business Center, Taman Dagang, Jalan Dagang Besar, Ampang 68000