Eupfin Technology Malaysia Sdn Bhd


Our Story

Fleet Management Provider

EUP was established in 2004 in Taiwan and specialize in Fleet Management System. EUP dedicated to taking care of our colleagues- family first and work will be secondary, quoting the principle of Lao-Tzu in the law of nature. In the past 10 years since establishment, we’ve suffered from failure and enjoyed from growth since we’ve became more confident in ourselves. We managed to find a balance between work and social life.

Live Happily, Work Happily

We have been preparing to come to Malaysia for years, and we’re finally here in 2019! Eup is No.1 Fleet Management System brand in Taiwan that include great service process, software solutions, hardware, and cloud server, and we bring all these experiences here to help fleets in Malaysia become more efficient and productive. The business motto in EUP is “Fast service and lifetime warranty,” which is our promise to give our customers the fastest repair service within 48 hours.
We’ve earned thousands of customers’ recognition in Southeast Asia, and now, let us help you find out how easy to start your fleet management with Eup!
Our company's belief quote is 'a great company is contributed by a group of ordinary people doing extraordinary things'. We believe that someone does not need to have special abilities or special talents to achieve great things as long as we work together as a team. 

Company Benefits

Work Life Balance

We don't provide overtime. Why? Because we don't want you to overwork yourself

Voice out

You can voice out your opinion if you feel the company should improve on which part. No suppression by your supervisor.

Career opportunity

Take a leap of faith and challenge yourself to grow with us as a newly start up company

Time off

Need some time to settle urgent matter? But don't want to use annual leave? We allow our employees to take time off to settle your personal matters.


Reap the reward

Medical Claim

We provide medical claim for employee's visit to the clinic

Our Address

No25-B, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla Ab 31/Ab, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia