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Our Story

This Is How We Started.

Discover how a desperate and helpless business owner grows his Brick and Mortar business (Revenue RM300k per month) to the best eBay seller in South East Asia with RM 1.6 million per month (533% more sales) in 6 months by changing 1 system.

Feeling exhausted being overloaded with tons of calls and follow ups from clients. Expensive software was useless and could not help much for his bleeding business.

One day, his friend recommended Sigma EMP, an affordable virtual COO that has brought his business to the next level using the COO’s 15 years of knowledge and 100% customized built-to-fit digital technologies.

The CEO contacted us immediately, and our first meeting marks the beginning of his business transformation.

Our 15-year-strong technical team and CEO listened, clarified the challenges and offered simple and easy solutions specially designed to clean up the company’s mess and increase profits.

What happens next? His business boomed.

Sales are record-high. Processes are automated and systematic. Business keeps growing and changing thanks to our dedicated online support team and agile development strategies.

Even better, the CEO himself can spend more time on business opportunities and with his family. Every night, he sleeps with peace of mind. His business peers keep asking for his advice. For the first time, he feels significant in his network.

This CEO is one of our many customers that have won the rat race and experienced massive transformations after using our services.

With our affordable virtual COO backed by 15 years of experience technical team, we can help your business break through challenges and level up using 100% customizable proven tools and systems.
We transform businesses and upgrade them to the next-level with proven digital tools and systems.

Come and join us...

We transform businesses and upgrade them to the next-level with proven digital tools and systems.

We help established entrepreneurs break through challenges, remove boundaries and get them ready for exponential growth

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Planning to earn more? You have the option to take up more workload with extra commission. It is entirely your choice.

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You can work from home if no physical meetings are required.

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6-2, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/5A, Pusat Bandar Putra Point, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia