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Flynt.Social is an influencer marketing platform where we get together real influencers and exciting new age brands to create authentic conversations on Social Media. Flynt.Social focuses exclusively on micro and nano influencers i.e. real people to get true advocacy for brands. We are 100% transparent and a completely self-serve platform where a brand can run and monitor campaigns just like they do when advertising on Facebook/Instagram/Google.We are present in India, Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia and plan to expand our reach to more high growth markets in the coming year.

The founding team comprises of young industry leaders from varied backgrounds and Geographies. We are a completely work-from-home company and have a strong retention policy where offer also includes stake in the company.

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 In a world that celebrates authenticity, you have something special. And people want you. Be the influence with’s network in major markets around the world. 

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