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Who Are We

Growth hackers, Builders, Storytellers & eCommerce Experts ; WE WANT YOU!

Welcome to Forwrd, where Our Vision is to become the No.1 Digital Growth Partner to eCommerce Brands in Malaysia.

We're an equal opportunity E-Commerce Digital Growth Agency based in USJ Taipan.

This is why we are in the trenches, day in day out to scale and growth hack small and mid size businesses to become 7/8+ Figures powerhouse brands.

Everyday comes with new ventures, highly incentivize challenges, and lots of fun mixed with a tinge of weirdness.

Whether it be bashing brains together to create the next jaw dropping viral Facebook videos, rummaging through spreadsheet analytics to spot patterns and the next 'Ah-hah' moments, binge watching Instagram and Tik Tok videos to understand your target demographic better, or even scaling ad accounts off the roof to 8 figures and beyond; there is no such thing as a stagnant week or month at Forwrd.

Furthermore, at Fowrd, we believe in
1. Radical Honesty & Transparency
2. Freedom of Idea Execution with Full Accountability in Performance Results.

This allows everyone to have a chance to showcase their best selves to the world without constantly being micromanaged till they go insane.

P.S. This is also our secret sauce to what helps us constantly achieve positive results and ROI for our partners!

And the reason we are capable to be so lean and mean is also due to our great partners tasking us with only one thing - to grow their business; whatever it takes.

We don't believe and follow regular society norms.

This is because our goal is to be Number 1.

And to be number one means to be the leader of the new wave.

We want you to be the best version of yourself, and to help others be their best version too. And by doing so, we only partner with insanely passionate and hungry individuals, where it be our team or our clients.

If this resonates with you, let's talk opportunities, so that you can come on down and join us on this journey together.

Because at Forwrd, we believe that aspiring and hardworking people, are meant for greater things in their lives. And we plan to prove that to the world and of course, to you too! ;)

Check out what we do on our website!

Stay driven, hungry, and awesome. And I can't wait to speak to you soon!

Why Join Us!

Because our goal is to create a future of equal opportunities world domination, and who doesn't like that?

We understand that modern problems requires modern solutions, thus these are what we believe in, and what we have to offer for you!


Freedom and Flexibility: Brilliant people hate rules and desire the freedom to do their work in their own way. Here at Forwrd, you are encouraged to try new things daily, as long as you fail profitably and learn from it! 


Well-being and growth incentives: We invest in our people. We don't want you to just work and complete the task at hand - though that is important. We want you to grow as a person, be more confident and up skill daily wherever you can as learning is a lifelong journey. Further, we also have performance based incentives!


Transparency: Honesty, transparency and responsibility are rated very highly in our organisation. Everyone here has a voice and your opinions and thoughts will be taken seriously. One of our core values is to maintain open communicate always. Honesty, transparency and responsibility. We want you to live up to the highest moral standard for your professional career as well as personal life.

Fun: Don't get us wrong, we're a disciplined, well-oiled engine of growth. But we believe that business should be fun and people should look forward to going to work each day. And a little weirdness never hurts anybody!


We Care: We treat our team well, and we believe in treating people like how you want to be treated (Well this could sound bias, but feel free to let us proof it to you 😉 !). At Forwrd, we choose partners, where it be our clients or team members, who wants to share and be on the same journey for greatness together.

Because hey, we only have one life, and we spend most of our time with our workmates, so why not ensure that those people are like-minded, ass kicking, A-listed individuals that can bring value and most importantly happiness into our lives? 

Company Benefits

Free Food & Drinks

Ever feel that after lunch slump or just need a boost in focus? Fear not, we have goodies and coffee lined up in the pantry 24/7 ☕☕☕

We Care

We take listening to your growth aspirations, your voice and your vision very seriously 💖 So always take pride in voicing out your concerns!

Monthly Events

From outings and dinners to other fun jolly stuff just because we can 😉 We believe learning to play hard matters as much as working hard!

No Dress Code

For all we care, come to work in the cosplay of your favourite movie or anime character! (P.S. Free goodie points maybe awarded if you do so) 😎

Flexible Hours

We run an Agile Project Management Model. This means we don't judge you through your working hours, rather your quality & clarity of execution 🔍🔍

Subsidized Parking

USJ 9 can be a crazy dreadful to find parking space. We totally understand the trouble and are committed to guaranteeing you have parking on us😇

Our Address

56D, 3rd Floor, Jalan USJ 10/1F, Pusat Perniagaan, USJ 10, Taipan Business Centre, 47610 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia