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Our Story

Our Humble Abode

A Malaysian Advertising Agency

K-GIC started its strategic and creative stint in 2001 with a simple goal – to be reputable in what we do. We are motivated, passionate, and obsessed – all in the name of love for advertising. In the beginning, K-GIC started with smaller jobs, making use of every stone in the rubble. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was K-GIC.

Now, K-GIC is no longer an unfamiliar name among Malaysian advertising agencies. Being a 20-year-old advertising agency in Malaysia, we pride ourselves as local experts. In the advertising industry, creativity is essential but knowing the market inside out is an advantage that not many possess. Therefore, being old doesn’t make us obsolete. Au contraire, it makes us wiser and much more perceptive.

K-GIC emphasises on the importance of keeping up with the times. In light of the ever-changing trends in both the traditional and digital markets, adaptation and improvisation are vital, both of which are our forte. The experience we gained throughout the years has placed us astutely in the driver’s seat – we do what’s needed, whenever and wherever. Today, we specialise in reading local trends and devising suitable and effective strategies to cater to the market.

This is the recipe behind our consecutive wins of a+m’s Local Agency of the Year Award and our breakthrough win of a+m’s Local Creative Agency of the Year Award 2017. This is K-GIC. This is who we are.

An Insight

As a leading advertising agency in Malaysia, K-GIC offers something of a different level – branding strategies. Concepts and designs play a huge role in advertising, but here at K-GIC, we look at the bigger picture. Bringing together innovative-brainers from diverse backgrounds, we offer creative strategies for your brand which covers every aspect possible. It is thorough, timeless and facilitates never-ending improvements of the performance of your brand – a 360° approach.

Our humble beginnings have led us to where we are today – a tactical, all-rounded creative advertising agency in Malaysia. K-GIC always strives to achieve constant growth regardless of rough tides in the market. To do so, we build long-term business relationships. Regardless of the business entity we deal with, K-GIC always gives their 100%. We fortify bonds with our unique branding strategies that deliver successful outcomes to our respected clients. Our reputation speaks for itself.

Our Address

A-5-06, Street Mall One South, Jln OS, Taman Serdang Perdana, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.