Love Earth Organic


Our Story


"My mother was defeated by Nose Cancer when I was at the age of 5. I grew up not having someone that nags me, someone that will cook for me, or someone to share clothing. I was always wondering, how good if mum is healthy and still around. Having that in mind, I hope everyone is able to stay healthy by selecting a healthier choice in food. So they are able to spend quality time and beautiful memories with their loved ones."
-- Samantha Mah, Chief of Inspiration of Love Earth Organic.

In Love Earth Organic, we hold on to a strong vision to provide everyone Healthy, Chemical Free food. Believing one day we are able to make this mother earth pollution-free and everyone is able to stay healthy to create beautiful memories together.

💚 Strictly no killing (everything is plant-based)
💚 We eat what we sell (100% safe and reliable)
💚 All products are with birth cert (each product are traced carefully)

If you are someone who is passionate in:
Protecting the earth like how we are
Taking care of your life like how we are, and
Loving your loves one like how we are 

We welcome you to explore further with us 😊


These are the values we hold on very strongly.
Here we provide Monthly Self Development Training + Nutrition Health Training. And maintaining your BMI at the ideal range is one of your KPI 😏

  • Positivity - Positive thoughts, positive actions, positive results! Let’s stay happy and fun!
  • Learn - Let’s be humble, be teachable, and always keep learning.
  • Efficiency - We do the right thing and do things right for the first time. Our goal is to get things right, not simply to get things done.
  • Teamwork - Alone we are drop, together we are an ocean! We work as a team, we work as a family.
  • Customer - We listen, we assist. We solve customers’ problems like ours.
  • Honesty - Customers choose us because they trust our brand and people. We do everything with the highest level of integrity.

If these are not your beliefs, please don't mess with us. 

Company Benefits


Being healthy is part of the KPI! Purchase at staff price & get staff vouchers to exchange free products!


Monthly Internal Training on Self Development & Nutrition Health. Chance to attend external training too.


Bi-Annual BMI reviews and in-house nutritionist and consult when needed.


All colleagues here are friendly and helpful. A place we call home and families :)


Here, you earn your own bonus. All KPI and performance points are transparent. Quarterly review to be done to help you to hit your KPI!


We have "Family Gathering" within the company every month to celebrate every little winning! (Let's pray MCO ends soon..)

Our Address

38, Jalan PS 9, KM 15 Jalan Rawang, Batu Caves, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia