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Our Story

We’re Small Enough to Be Nimble, Large Enough to Be Global

Morph Digital provides 360 digital solutions to our clients. We design, create and deliver exponential digital experiences connecting customers and brands to make an impact. Our business modules are data-driven, making our company one of Malaysia's most compelling digital marketing agencies.

Morph Digital's extensive range of digital services helps brands achieve their breakthroughs and transform their brand:

  • Digital Business Consulting
    Transitioning to the digital scene can be challenging. We make it smooth for you and your brand to excel in the field.
  • Digital Strategies
    Should you focus on the paid or organic approach? We will prepare a comprehensive framework to grow your digital presence.
  • Training Programs
    Practice makes perfect. With our talented and experienced trainers, we provide the best stepping stones for your team to grow.
  • Marketing Services
    ROIs are tricky but not unpredictable. We work together with you to help with your marketing efforts from the beginning to the end.

Morph Digital had an exciting history before we became one of the top digital marketing agencies. We started as a manpower supply and staffing agency for the oil and gas industry in Miri in 1988.

We have 30 years of experience building our repertoire and expertise in workforce and marketing solutions that expanded multiple industries. We have a strong roster of clients in oil and gas, software and IT, telecommunications, hospitality, and other areas.

Our journey allows us to have a robust system to pave the way for you and your brand to grow and flourish in your business. Our fundamentals are data-driven strategies and insights; you can never go wrong with data.

Our Mission

Our team provides you with an extended arm to inspire, penetrate, and ignite marketing ideas with compelling digital strategies and marketing content driven by data insights.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for businesses, empowering them to remain at the forefront with measurable results.

Fun. Effective. Driven.

Welcome to a workspace where you won’t be bored to death and actually grow!


Morph Digital is about moving forward as a company, a team and an individual. We have a belief system that everyone is their own Holy Grail, and we work together to build each other and the company to a greater pedestal.


We put our customers first to ensure they have the best business experiences. Still, we never forget to highlight the people behind the scenes that help make the magic happens – you.

How to describe Morph Digital and its team in one (or more) words?

  • All business but with a dose of fun sprinkled here and there
    Don’t be glued to your computer; hug your pets, embrace the sunlight, and eat cakes!
  • Fast-paced business module with flexible working arrangements
    Work best from a top of a mountain or in your bathroom? You do you.
  • Collaborative arena for new ideas to achieve business objectives
    No idea is a bad idea, and no question is a stupid question.
  • Equality and mutual respect across all departments and roles
    We are the colours on the same blank canvas creating a masterpiece.

Morph Digital may be a business, but we encourage our team to wear their Be-Your-Own-Boss hat when running the show. If Plan A doesn’t make sense, let’s devise Plan B. If Plan B needs a little spice, let’s cook up Plan C. We welcome curiosity, active communications and an experimental mentality to the possibilities.

Are you ready to swim through the high tides and dance in the rainbow together?

The House of Morph Digital invites you on this journey!

Company Benefits

Group Hospitalization

We provide Group Hospitalization Benefits for our employees.

Multi-National Working Environment

Work on clients/brands with global presence by supporting them on-site and off-site.

Medical & Dental Benefits

Flexi medical benefits that allows you to choose your prefered choice of benefits from a pool of options.

Hours Of Work

Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm

Fully Remote Workplace Model

We have a fully remote workplace model that may be required to attend meetings in-person depending on the needs of the project.

Our Address