Pertama Digital Berhad


Our Story

Why Pertama Digital exists

Pertama Digital Berhad is transforming how the Rakyat experiences services provided to them by the government and large private organizations. 
We do this by removing barriers that are typically responsible for delayed responses to key digitalisation opportunities that would otherwise benefit the Rakyat.
Think of the last time you faced a poor experience in a government office or bank... Do you wish you could do something to make it better?
Our entire business is underpinned by a philosophy adopted from the world’s fastest growing tech companies; build products that delights users and get paid only upon achieving successful product-market fit.
Pertama Digital has executed this successfully with projects like eJamin, the world’s first neobank for court bail, developed at zero cost to the government and in close collaboration with the Palace of Justice. eJamin is available at 177 courts across Malaysia, allowing some to achieve full cashless bail payments, while channeling millions of Ringgit of deposits to partner banks like CIMB and Bank Islam on a daily basis.
Pertama Digital is applying this disruptive model to other areas of the Rakyat-government relationship including payments, communication and workflows. 
In due course, this Malaysian-built model will be exported to other emerging markets as the most equitable rapid public sector digitalisation model.

How we work

Team Pertama Digital is diverse, energetic and purpose-driven. 
We may wear the suit of a main market listed company but, at heart, we are a bunch of startup geeks trying to make a difference.
All of us are obsessed with getting things done and delivering outcomes. Afterall, building software is one thing; making it beautiful and then ensuring it helps the Rakyat is a whole other challenge!
To be effective, we evolve how we work with time and keep the best practices for the long-term.
To be successful at Pertama Digital, you need to be hyper-motivated to make a difference in Malaysia through digitalisation.
90% of our work is done remotely.
We don't practice timetracking.
Our leaders value outcomes and not processes.
That said, if you aren't ready to run at full pace, Pertama Digital might not be for you. To us, we are already years behind more developed countries and so every minute counts.
We will be publishing a Pertama Digital Culture document very soon, which is adapted from Netflix and Zapier. Read through those to understand the kind of environment we want to create for our people.
Some perks include:
  • Healthcare coverage via HealthMetrics
  • Remote working allowance
  • Unlimited access to Elite Cyberjaya and Worq Subang, TTDI and KL Gateway offices

Company Benefits

Quarterly Getaways

Our Team getaways happen once a quarter. Come and feel the love.


To build good solutions, we need to go to the ground and see things from the Rakyat's perspective.


We love MacBooks, so you'll get one too (after confirmation).

Remote Working

Contribution towards home internet costs, better furniture and other remote working equipment to perfect your working experience.


A comprehensive healthcare plan for our team members and their loved ones under the HealthMetrics platform.

Our Address

Unit 2-1, Level 2, The Podium, Tower 3, UOA Business Park, No 1, Jalan Pengaturcara U1/51a, Seksyen U1, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia