Sin Seng Huat Seeds Sdn Bhd


Our Story

About Us

Sin Seng Huat (“SSH”) is one of the pioneer crop production companies in Malaysia. The Company was founded by Mr. Soh Boon Swang in 1936 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya. Then in 1993, the Company was converted into Private Limited Company known as Sin Seng Huat Seeds Sdn Bhd in accordance to Company Act 1965.

Sin Seng Huat (SSH) have been focusing in the manufacturing and distribution of vegetable seeds of high value crops, agro chemicals, fertilizers and agriculture implements to vegetable farms, fruit orchards, plantations, industrial uses and home gardening in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Since inception in 1936, we are pioneer and we have been focusing in the manufacturing, distribution and export of high quality vegetable seeds with high tolerance against hot climate, Climate Cross Hybrid (CCH) and Plant Nutrients Support (PNS), organic, semi-organic fertilizers, bio pesticides, plant nutrients and selected planting materials to fully support crops and plants from sowing to harvest in Malaysia, China and S.E.A market. Sin Seng Huat Seeds is also providing field advisory services to over 300 key growers of major economics crops and 150 resellers of various sizes in Malaysia and S.E.A. countries.

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

To be a 1-STOP Agriculture Products Provider in the world.

Mission Statement

To lead in seed breeding program and supply world standard quality vegetable seeds. Also to be the world top manufacturer and exporter of organic compound fertilizer and plant nutrients based on Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and global warming planting practice.

Our Address

6, Jalan BP 4/7, Bandar Bukit Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia