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Our Story


Our Story

The best Bak Kwa in the world is here!

Hello! 你好!

Welcome to Wing Heong, we are a 50+ year old food manufacturing company that produces the world’s best Bak Kwa! Some peeps call it Yuk Kon, Rou Gan, Long Yuk and Dried BBQ Meat!

Since 1972, we are a home-grown traditional delicacy and meat brand. To date we have 7 branches and a central manufacturing plant.

Our mission is to bring our Bak Kwa to every China Town in the world because we believe that Bak Kwa is a Malaysian Pride! To add in, we believe that tradition, values, family, culture and teachings needs to be instilled in our future generation to the next generation.

In Wing Heong, we believe that great food is to be shared along with great values of our Chinese culture. You’ll almost never find a house that does not have Bak Kwa during Chinese New Year!

A career with endless possibilities

Limitations are set by your own thoughts! Get out from it! At Wing Heong, we do not like limitations. If we have one, we solve to open new doors!

You must be thinking that a traditional company is old and dull but let me tell you that we are now led by a forward-thinking CEO that intends to change the old rules of traditions to cater to the current generation.

As exciting as it is, we are building a bridge to bring our brand towards the next generation and it all starts with building and instilling a vibrant culture, purpose, growth and happiness with awesome people.

Just imagine being a part of a company that is in existence for 50+ years and pushing boundaries to reach 100 years and beyond!


What do we stand for?

We stand for traditions and family. We stand for happiness and growth. We believe that our products put smiles to everyone.

We love doing things that traditional brands do not do. We love doing new things that brings positive results. We love bending the laws of marketing, the law of distribution, the law of franchising, the law of manufacturing. We bring the old to improve it to a new.

We are a company that is exciting as we are in the midst of transforming ourselves to something newer, bigger, faster, stronger and wider. Pushing boundaries beyond what we know is our game.

Join us!

Let me be honest with you, a career at Wing Heong is not all rainbow and cupcakes. Sometimes we are operating above our human capabilities, sometimes we crack but we never break. Time had proven that we are as strong as our people in our company.

We have our flaws; we don’t deny it but what we are looking at is you. Yes.. you! Because we believe you will be able to bring great improvements to our company. We believe that you will bring your best and add it to our company. We believe that you will bring happiness to our family. We believe that you can create rainbows after the rain.

We believe that your growth is what makes our company grow.

If you would like an experience of a lifetime, to bridge generation gaps in a traditional company. To make the old to new. Come and join us!

The prerequisites

We love Happiness
Are you a happy person? Join if you are.

We love Food
Do you love to eat? Join if you are.

We love Positivity
Bring good vibes all day every day. We believe positivity is the key to great outcomes.

We love YOLO
Heck! You’ll only live once! Bring it on! Bring your A game! Do things that pushes boundaries.

We love Traditions
Great families have great traditions passed down from generations.

If you have a value that you would like to pass to the next generation, this is the place to do it. Join us!

Company Benefits


Never had a problem. Free to park.

Fun & Young Culture

We're young, fun and vibrant bunch of people who are highly driven. Wear anything you like as long as you are presentable.

Regular Company Activities

Games, team building activities and more! We want to keep our teams constantly engaged.

Learning and self-improvement

Feel free to use our subscriptions or put in a request.

Energy Boost

Help yourself to our Nespresso for a caffeine boost.


Laptops or PC, your choice! 3 screens? Just let us know

Our Address

No. 2, Jalan Indah 7/7, Taman Industri Selesa Jaya, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia

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