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This job is for a Digital Campaign Manager who will oversee the entire campaign plan, communicate with clients and internal teams, lead a campaign team, optimize and improve campaigns, and manage reporting. You might like this job because it requires prioritizing target segments and leading a team to achieve campaign goals.




Job Description

The Digital Campaign Manager governs the entire campaign plan, this includes and not limited to email, digital advertising, nurture campaign, ABM campaign, etc. The role requires the ability to communicate well with the client and the internal team, especially in explaining the campaign’s direction and aligning the campaign’s initiative with the client’s goals. ​Besides that, you would need to be firm and aggressive yet respectful in following-up with the team on their tasks to ensure that the timeline of the campaign is not affected.​

 Role Responsibilities:

- Identify and prioritize target segments based on demographics, firmographic and intent data.​

- Build and manage B2B marketing campaign plan taking into consideration segment prioritization, budget, relevant channels, and urgency of timeline.​

- Create forecasts of multiple campaign results based on different performance scenarios.​

- Lead a campaign team to build and execute activities according to plan, troubleshooting and adjusting accordingly.​

- Lead campaign optimization, experimentation, and continuous improvement programs.​

- Manage reporting of weekly campaign activity updates, monthly campaign impact, and analysis discussions.

Job Requirements

- Bachelor's degree in Business, Marketing, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, or related field.​

- 5+ years of overall working experience in marketing or business management related roles.​

- Have hands-on experience running, monitoring, and optimizing campaigns on LinkedIn/Facebook.​

- Communicate with clients effectively to identify their goals & objectives and translate them into effective, result-driven campaigns​

- Ability to analyze and report on campaign performance and provide direction/strategy based on findings​

- Minimum 1-year experience in roles involving planning, optimization, and continuous improvement.​

- Strong command of English and comfortable with client-facing meetings with stakeholders from US. ​

- Excellent writing, communication, and presentation skills.​

- Shows continued desire for growth & learning.​

- Prior experience in B2B marketing is advantageous.


Business-To-Business (B2B) Marketing
Digital Marketing
Marketing Communications
Client Services

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4 - 15 Years of Experience

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Advertising & Branding, Digital Marketing, Public Relations


Digital Campaign Manager

2X Marketing




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