Full Stack Software Engineer - Machine Learning

AkiraKan Limited

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This job is for a Full Stack Software Engineer with a focus on Machine Learning. Build frameworks and services for AkiraKan's autonomous vehicles and map teams. You might like this job because you'll work on large, complex distributed data pipelines and have the opportunity to closely interact with others who are experts in robotics and deep learning.




Job Description

AkiraKan Limited is looking for an extraordinary Full Stack Engineer to develop and deploy deep learning infrastructure for our autonomous vehicles and mapping teams. You will join our Deep Learning Infrastructure team that builds the essential tools, frameworks, and services used by engineers at Akirakan. We are the team that accelerates the development cycle of AI at scale by provisioning tools and platforms for our team to schedule, track, and monitor their jobs, datasets and metadata.
You will be able to closely interact with others within the company who are experts in perception systems, mapping, deep learning algorithms, edge computing and robotics. There is an opportunity to make a strong impact on products, while having the freedom and bandwidth to tinker. Come join us to enjoy flexible working hours, attractive rewards and a promising career outlook.

What you will be doing:

  • Design and implement reliable, scalable, and performant distributed data pipelines.
  • Build platforms and services for internal teams to interact with the large scale AI systems.
  • Connect our machine learning code to data warehouses/databases, and these databases to the frontend. This platform will support our engineers to schedule, launch, monitor, track and debug experiments, jobs and models. 
  • Work on the platform of tools and infrastructure of whatever the machine learning team needs to be effective. This spans the scope from the machine learning code in Python to back-end and front-end work in JavaScript.
  • Coordinate required hardware resources with the team managing the cluster hardware to maintain high availability and utilization.
  • Work with the Machine Learning team and customers directly to understand requirements and priorities.

Job Requirements

  • BS in Computer Science or similar technical field of study or equivalent practical experience.
  • Strong understanding of JavaScript, Python, and Linux.
  • Familiarity with the whole web stack development.
  • Experience building modern web applications using React/Redux/Vue.js/Angular or similar.
  • Interest in machine learning, computer vision or neural networks.

Nice to Have:

  • Experience building scalable infrastructure on the cloud with C++, Java, or Golang (or similar)
  • Experience working with relational and NoSQL databases
  • Experience with Kafka, Airflow, Spark, Beam or other data processing tools
  • Experience of deploying machine learning pipelines, for example TFX/TorchServe


Go (Programming Language)
C++ (Programming Language)
Java (Programming Language)
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Angular (Web Framework)
JavaScript (Programming Language)
Python (Programming Language)

Company Benefits

Life-Long Learning

We offer internal and external resources such as online learning resources, books, and more so employees can keep advancing their careers.

Job Rotations

We have programs that allow employees to explore other areas or careers that may be of interest to them.

Unlimited Vacation Policy

Our generous leave package includes vacation and paid sick leave, which gives employees the opportunity to enhance their quality of life.

Weekly Social Event

Weekly social event to meet with workmates for fun and relaxation.

High-end Work Laptop

Say goodbye to slow laptop, choose your laptop and have a productive work-style!

Hybrid Workplace and Flexible Working Hours

We believe the people inside the company are the very best ones to decide when and where they work best.

Additional Info

Company Activity

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Experience Level

0 - 7 Years of Experience

Job Specialisation

Software Development & QA / Testing

Company Profile

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AkiraKan Limited

AkiraKan is a leading multinational corporation specializing in Artificial Intelligence technology and consulting services, with a strong presence in the Asia Pacific region. Our global clientele includes major industry players in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. As pioneers in the AI revolution, AkiraKan's expertise in Vision Language Models, autonomous driving infrastructure, AI-assisted enterprise workflows, geospatial infrastructure intelligence, offshore AI-based weather forecasting, health and safety monitoring, and scientific instrumentation systems have transformed traditional industries by enhancing operational efficiency and real-time insights.


Full Stack Software Engineer - Machine Learning

AkiraKan Limited




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