Marketing Manager

CARs International

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This job is a Marketing Manager. You might like this job because you oversee a department, analyze consumer trends, develop sales promotions, and collaborate with well-known brands.

RM 5000 - RM 6000

Taman Serdang Perdana, Seri Kembangan


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Job Description

12 Key Job Descriptions:

  1. To oversee overall department. 
  2. To have a good grasp and understanding of the consumer trends in the retail industry particularly in respect of the auto beauty sector. 
  3. To obtain data to help formulate new product/ service packages that meet with evolving customer demands. 
  4. To conduct customer surveys that collect vital information for the purpose of achieving Point (2) above. 
  5. To work collectively with Operations Dept in shaping sales promotions and an overall sales policy that meets with evolving customer trends. 
  6. To promote Company’s products by means of Corporate Sales to selected sectors. Advertising & Promotions 
  7. To develop a coherent A&P program that suits the particular needs of the auto beauty sector, with an emphasis on a consistent Roadshow presence and co-branding joint-promotions with established and well-known brands. 
  8. To develop and grow the Roadshow concept into a bigger event, involving more partnerships and alliances that may benefit the Company’s standing; its brand presence as well as improve its financial performance. 
  9. To develop and execute joint promotions with financial institutions and credit card agencies aimed at increasing sales and brand presence. 
  10. To assist in identifying any advertising needs of the Company and to recommend such advertising channels to Company as may be necessary. 
  11. To assist Company in launching and promoting new products/ services through any available and suitable channels. 
  12. To assist in strategizing and formulating sales promotions designed to tap into ‘new market’ which is defined as ‘traditionally non-shopping mall visiting’ customers. 

Job Requirements


Degree in Marketing or Economics, MBA preferred or equivalent.

Experience / Skill:

  • Minimum 2-3 years experience in related field. 
  • Effectively communicate ideas verbally and writing. 
  • Good oral and written communication skills. 
  • Aptitude for working with computers. 
  • Applied knowledge and particle skills in order to perform tasks of some complexity in an independent manner. 
  • Interprets or reorganises readily information to solve operational problems. 
  • Improves their effectiveness and efficiency by critically assessing their work-flows and the organisation of their work (e.g. anticipates potential problems when planning work and has alternative strategies available. 
  • Structures and organises information so that essential points are identified and conveyed effectively (e.g. clearly. Concisely and accurately). 
  • Gains the co-operation of, and liaises effectively with, others in range of situations.


Marketing Strategies
Market Research
Product Marketing
Digital Advertising
Advertising Sales
Event Marketing
Strategic Partnership
Business Marketing

Company Benefits

Yearly Increment

High Performers will can enjoy yearly increments

Attractive Bonus

Good performance is always rewarded by bonus

Medical Insurance

Comprehensive insurance coverage for all employees within our organization

Additional Info

Company Activity

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Experience Level

2 - 7 Years of Experience

Career Level

Manager / Team Lead

Job Specialisation

Marketing - Digital, Marketing - General

Company Profile

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CARs International

CARs International is a regional powerhouse in the car grooming industry since 1973. Operating at over 100 locations in Singapore and Malaysia, we offer the most comprehensive suite of services to meet and delight the demand of our customers.

We are well-known for our ability to deliver high-value packages for discerning vehicle owners, providing them with long-term car grooming services. 

  • The largest chain of Car Beauty Care Centres (Malaysia Book of Records, 2003)
  • Enterprise 50 Award (2001)
  • Golden Bull Award (2003)
  • Superbrands Award (2005)


Marketing Manager

CARs International

RM 5000 - RM 6000

Taman Serdang Perdana, Seri Kembangan


few days ago