Linux Engineer (Network/ System)

Glotech Sdn Bhd

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This job is for a Linux Engineer who maintains the platform tunnel line. You might like this job because you get to develop automated tools and handle network failures, ensuring business continuity.

RM 3500 - RM 6500

Petaling Jaya


Job Description

Mainly responsible for LINUX platform tunnel line maintenance, which involves the deployment and maintenance of containers, automated operation and maintenance tools- Ansible, Shell Python writing, and operation and maintenance system architecture development.

Job Responsibilities:

  •  Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Linux system, ensuring business continuity, and improving the quality and efficiency of implementation and operation and maintenance;
  •  Responsible for handling customer network failures;
  •  Responsible for the daily inspection and maintenance of the server, and can independently complete the failure analysis and processing;
  •  Ad-hock task arranged by the leader.



主要负责Linux平台隧道线路维护 ,其中涉及容器的部署以及维护、自动化运维工具ansible 、shell编写以及运维体系构架开发

Job Requirements

 Job Requirements:

  •  Bachelor degree or above, computer software, IT Network or related major, at least 2 years of Internet business application operation and maintenance experience
  •  Familiar with the Linux system, and have the ability to tune common Linux distributions such as CentOS and Ubuntu;
  •  Proficient in Linux operation and maintenance and network related knowledge, excellent in routing tables and IPtables
  •  Familiar with Ansible and Docker container technology, able to write and maintain scripts
  •  Familiar with Network and Cloud server troubleshooting skills
  •  Experience in independently responsible for the entire project and VPN project technology development is preferred
  •  Required Language: Mandarin Speaker Preferred


  •  本科以上学历,计算机软件或是相关专业,至少1年以上互联网业务应用运维经验
  •  精通Linux运维及网络相关知识,精通路由表及iptables
  •  熟悉ansible,docker容器技术,能够进行脚本的编写维护
  •  熟悉network 和 服务器环境故障排查
  •  有独立负责整个项目及VPN项目技术开发经验者优先


Network Engineering
Systems Engineering

Company Benefits

Good Working Environment

We practice caring and sharing culture, friendly working environment, zero politic, work for dreams.

Medical Benefit

We provide medical claim for general visit.

Good Compensate

We will reward you on how much you have contribute to improve life quality.

Additional Info

Experience Level

1 - 3 Years of Experience

Job Specialisation

General IT

Company Profile

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Glotech Sdn Bhd

We founded on 2008 and setup at Hong Kong, currently we have offices at Philippine, Cambodia, America & etc....Our business covered more than 50 countries and areas, and now we are here to provide career opportunity in Malaysia.

Glotech Sdn Bhd is a hybrid cloud service provider that is committed to providing customers with peace of mind. Currently, business includes cloud hosting, server leasing and hosting, hardware procurement and so on, provides rapid build and delivery of VPN and hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions for customers. In future, Glotech Sdn Bhd always follow the trends improving on the accumulation of technology in its own basic network to provide customers with more reliable and convenient network services.


Linux Engineer (Network/ System)

Glotech Sdn Bhd

RM 3500 - RM 6500

Petaling Jaya


This job is no longer available