Internship for TIKTOK LIVE HOST


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This job is an internship for a TikTok Live Host. Sell things on camera and interact with viewers. Say "NO" to office politics and enjoy more opportunities in a young company. You might like this job because it offers a unique experience combining sales and hosting on a popular platform.

RM 500 - RM 1000



Job Description

  1. Job Description
  • Sell things in front of the camera 【Menjual barang di hadapan kamera】
  • Able to interact with viewers through live hosting. 【Mampu berinteraksi dengan penonton melalui hosting langsung.】
  • Say "NO" to office politic, a young company with more opportunity 【Katakan "TIDAK" kepada politik pejabat, sebuah syarikat muda  dengan lebih banyak peluang】

Job Requirements

  • No camera shy 【Tiada malu kamera】
  • Speak Malay fluently - Live in Bahasa Melayu 【Fasih berbahasa Melayu - Live in Bahasa Melayu】
  • No experience needed, training provided 【Tidak perlu pengalaman, latihan disediakan】
  • Responsible, cheerful, discipline 【 Bertanggungjawab, ceria, berdisiplin】
  • Fast learner 【 Cepat belajar】
  • Wish to earn money fast 【 Ingin mendapatkan wang dengan cepat】
  • Fresh Graduated are welcome!! 【Fresh Graduate dialu-alukan】
  • No SPM also welcome 【Tiada SPM juga dialu-aluka】
  • Operation Hours: Monday-Saturday 7pm-3.30am (1 hours break)【Masa Operasi : Isnin-Sabtu 7pm-3.30am (1 jam break)】


TikTok Marketing
Live Streaming
Live Broadcast
HTTP Live Streaming
Video Hosting Services
Web Hosting Services
Marketing Strategies
Digital Marketing
Social Media Trends

Company Benefits

Care and Support.

We provide Allowance to support your expenses on Hostel, Transportation and Food!

Well Being

Feeling under the weather? We provide Annual Leave, Medical Leave for your well-being.

Near by Public Transport

We are short walking distance from Bukit Bintang MRT Stations and Monorail.

Medical Benefits

Dont worry, We got you covered with Medical Benefits!

Monetary Rewards

Your task achievement will be rewarded with Fruitful Incentives, Comissions, and Performance Bonus!

Career progressions

In our fast pace working environment, we acknowledge your hard work and support by providing career path for your future.

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Job Specialisation

Sales (Corporate, Real Estate, Telesales, etc.)

Company Profile

HALO MEDIA-logo-image


Welcome to Halo Media Sdn. Bhd, the forefront of Malaysia's artistic landscape and a trailblazer in internet live broadcasting and video content creation. As a pioneering artist operating platform, we are dedicated to shaping the future of digital media by connecting creators and audiences in unique and captivating ways.

Who We Are:

At Halo Media, we are a passionate collective of artists, creators, and tech enthusiasts united by a common vision - to redefine the boundaries of artistic expression through cutting-edge technology. With a finger on the pulse of digital innovation, we empower artists to share their talents with the world and engage with audiences like never before.

Our Expertise:

We specialize in harnessing the power of the internet to amplify the voices and talents of artists. Through live broadcasting and video content, we create immersive and interactive experiences that captivate, inspire, and leave a lasting impact. Our platforms serve as a stage for artists to showcase their skills, connect with fans, and build meaningful connections.

What We Offer:

  1. Internet Live Broadcasting: Our live broadcasting services provide a dynamic platform for artists to engage in real-time with their audiences. Whether it's a musical performance, a visual art showcase, or a behind-the-scenes glimpse, we bring artistry to life in the digital realm.
  2. Compelling Video Content: We craft video content that tells stories, sparks conversations, and captivates viewers. From documentaries to tutorials, we leverage the power of visuals to create compelling narratives that resonate with audiences.
  3. Artist Operating Platform: We are more than just a broadcasting company; we are a platform that empowers artists to shine. Our tools and technologies provide creators with the means to share their passion, grow their brand, and connect with a global audience.

Why Choose Us:

  1. Innovation at the Core: We thrive on innovation. Our drive to push the boundaries of what's possible in digital media fuels our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.
  2. Empowering Creativity: We believe that every artist has a unique voice and story. Our platforms amplify these voices, giving artists the tools they need to express themselves and connect with fans on a deeper level.
  3. Engaging Experiences: We create experiences that are not just passive viewing, but active engagement. Our live broadcasts and video content invite audiences to be a part of the artistic journey.
  4. Impactful Connections: Through our platforms, artists can create meaningful connections with their audience, fostering a sense of community and loyalty that transcends traditional media.

Join the Halo Media Experience:

Step into a world where art meets technology, where creativity knows no bounds, and where the power of digital media amplifies artistic voices. Halo Media Sdn. Bhd invites you to be a part of an innovative community that is shaping the future of artistic expression. Whether you're an artist looking to share your talents or an audience member seeking immersive experiences, Halo Media is your stage, your canvas, and your connection to the artistry of tomorrow.


Internship for TIKTOK LIVE HOST


RM 500 - RM 1000