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This job is for a Digital Marketing Executive (Influencer Marketing) who will work on HiBlendr and its subsidiary accounts. You might like this job because it requires creative problem-solving skills, managing partnerships with influencers and KOLs, and analyzing marketing analytics to optimize campaigns.

RM 2500 - RM 3500

Jalan Klang Lama


Job Description

The Digital Marketing Executive (Relationship) handle HiBlendr and its subsidiary pages/accounts. This role requires an ability to be resourceful, think out of the box from traditional ways of marketing, and have a passion for problem-solving. KOL/influencer marketing, social media strategy, partnerships all sit under the Digital Marketing Executive (Relationship)’s responsibilities. The ideal candidate for this role should have strong strategic thinking skills, creative marketing skills, and excellent stakeholder and project management skills.

  • Executing a marketing partnership plan that is data-driven, customer-centric, and aligned with product and marketing roadmaps with KOLs or influencers.
  •  Develop creative direction and/or campaigns for partners across different external channels.
  •  Monitor performance of partnerships to optimize campaigns, automation, segmentation, and channel expansion.
  •  Connect the dots with marketing analytics, and what is resonating on organic owned channels and in earned media to propose paid content and platforms recommendations.
  •  Explore the gaps, areas of improvement and evaluate our current influencer/affiliate marketing plan.
  • Manage campaign with Tiktoker, affiliate, live host etc.

Job Requirements

  • Positive Attitude
  •  Abstractly creative; can leverage this skill to provide input on challenges in the process. 
  •  Ability to influence others by maintaining open channels of communication, fostering teamwork, and building relationships with teams
  •  Ability to understand complex issues from various sources, while finding simple solutions 
  •  Effective planning and organizational skills with a demonstrated ability to multi-task, prioritize, negotiate, and problem-solve 
  •  Ability to execute under accelerated timeframes and quickly adapt to changes in priorities 
  •  Comfortable in working in a complex, ambiguous, ever-changing environment
  •  Strong attention to detail and follow-through skills, with the ability to convey ideas clearly


Influencer Marketing
Digital Marketing
Relationship Management
TikTok Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Networks
Social Media
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Campaigns

Company Benefits

No Dress Code

Stop thinking what to wear to work everyday. Rock up as you like, even in your PJs.

Self Improvement Courses Available

Level up your skills with trainings and courses! Go infinity and beyond the work that you do.

Purpose Driven

A purpose driven and value led organisation

A-Team Culture

No politics. No drama. No power plays.

Performance Commissions

Everyone has the opportunity to be rewarded and get paid based on their performance.


Result-driven work schedule; don't simply work for hours

Additional Info

Company Activity

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Experience Level

0 - 3 Years of Experience

Career Level

Junior Executive

Job Specialisation

Advertising & Branding, Digital Marketing, General Project Management

Company Profile



Our Story

HiBlendr is founded in Andrew’s dorm in Manchester, United Kingdom in March 2020 when he was still studying there. After the pandemic hits the UK, Andrew has moved back to Malaysia while maintaining the operation in the UK and Malaysia. Since then, HiBlendr has sold thousands of HiBlendr Juice Cup Pro across the world including countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and more.

After years of studying abroad, Andrew realised that people are too busy with their work, studies, etc and they often neglect their health including himself back then. He then found out that one of the main reasons is that fruits and vegetables are sometimes hard to carry around or consumed when people are rushing to work/university/gym etc.

So at HiBlendr started with the two-fold goal; to promote the importance of nutrients from fruits and a healthy lifestyle, and allow the healthy lifestyle to be more sustainable and easy to maintain after they found us.


Digital Marketing Executive (Influencer Marketing)


RM 2500 - RM 3500

Jalan Klang Lama


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