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This job is a Sales Enablement Executive. They work closely with sales teams to drive results and build support for key initiatives. You might like this job because you'll get to strategize and execute projects that improve revenue performance.


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Job Description

Close immersion in the day-to-day of revenue teams, sales enablement executive are critical in building support and momentum for some of the key initiatives that drive behaviors and results on the frontline.

Sales enablement executive is also required to be able to tactically execute project deliverables, ensuring that sales enablement efforts deliver on the strategic goals agreed upon with Management. While a sales enablement executive on their own is not the sole solution to all of an organization’s woes when it comes to revenue growth, they are well-positioned to drive process efficiencies and improve revenue performance as an active member of the sales enablement team. 

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree preferred, or equivalent experience
  • Experience in sales enablement, revenue-facing roles, sales training, or sales support, and a demonstrated knowledge of best practices, methodologies, and technologies in each of these areas
  • Measurable experience with having a positive impact on business outcomes, such as win rate, quota attainment, length of sales cycle, etc.
  • Experience in executing change management initiatives with established approaches
  • Involvement and participation in sales enablement groups or communities (ideal)

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Job Specialisation

Business Development, General Project Management, General Sales

Sales Enablement Executive

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Petaling Jaya


This job is no longer available