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Job Description

The objective of MT nomination is to keep all transshipment and export empties under a common Terminal Block pool for individual lines and for the Nomination executive to nominate them based on the ‘first in, first out’ (FIFO) principle within the stipulated time.

Update empty inventory after nomination and notify shipping lines on stock balance.

Take full responsibility and accountability in the absence of YPM, YPDO, and YPCT to ensure all 12-yard planning KPIs are achieved without any operational disruptions.

Key Responsibility :

  • Directly reports to the Yard Strategy Manager (YSM) in the shift.
  • To nominate empty containers following FIFO, line, size, type, berth allocation, and crane ratio. This is to ensure no service failure and a fast turnaround has been achieved.
  • Ensure all the requested nominations by shipping lines are done before ETA and send the final list to the respective shipping line and CTCS.
  • Update empty inventory after nomination and update shipping lines on stock balance besides the daily auto-mail advice. This is to keep customers or shipping lines well updated and improves the dual time of empty inventory.
  • Any cancellations or changes done are recorded and informed to the respective parties (Shipping line/CTCS /Vessel Planning) via e-mail.
  • Ensure the flat rack containers list in the yard is updated every shift to confirm the status (single or bundle) and finally update in OPUS. This is to avoid miscommunication and Service failure.
  • Ensure that all empty nomination request is via E-Nomination and respond within 4 hours.
  • Prepare handover report with all pending issues and operation updates so information flow will be smooth without any failure.
  • Ensure stacking in MT blocks is based on individual LINE, Size, and height not by common grouping factor (GF) as this can be checked in through TOS.
  • Conduct random checks in CY physically and in the system to avoid mix stacking due to vessel changes or status changes by liner/CTCS and bring it up to respective liners if you foresee heavy shifting or operational delays.
  • Issue IBS/shifting if there is any unwanted scenario/stacking in MT blocks before loading and update duty YPM and VOM on the issue and solution process.
  • The nomination executive in the shift is fully responsible for conducting physical checks after bundle discharge by individual vessels.
  • Ensure all bundle containers are planned/discharged as per the system and update within 8 hours to all internal/external stakeholders if there are any charges between system and physical.
  • Any changes after closing time are subject to SSR and both vessel operators and box operators need to notify via tele-con and email.

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree in related fields
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-confidence along with good interpersonal skill
  • Strong communication; and organizational skills with computer literacy in understanding of real-time information and terminal planning software applications are TOS and E-Terminal.
  • Ability to work without close supervision and adapt smoothly to changing priorities or unexpected situations.

Human Resources Department
Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd
5th Floor, Tower Block, P.O. Box 266, Pulau Indah, 42009 Port Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-3169 4000 Fax: 03-3169 4101

All applications will be treated strictly private and confidential.

  • Only shortlisted candidates will be notified within 2 weeks (14 business days).
  • Unsuccessful candidate’s application will be KIV for future opening.
  • Kindly prepare the following documents prior to applying as these attachments are mandatory.
    • Profile Picture (jpeg, jpg and png file only)
    • School education certificate (jpeg, jpg and png file only)
    • Tertiary education certificate (jpeg, jpg and png file only)
    • Resume (pdf file only)

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