KK Supermart and Superstore Sdn Bhd

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This job is an intern position with various departments including MIS, Marketing, Data Management, HR, and more. You might like this job because it offers a wide range of experiences and opportunities to learn.


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Job Description

We have multiple internship programs in KK which are from the following departments:- 

  1. MIS Operations
  2. MIS Applications
  3. Marketing
  4. Data Management
  5. Purchasing
  6. Human Resource (Recruitment or Foreign)
  7. Administration
  8. Procurement

Job Requirements

All interns must be:-

  1. In the midst of a Diploma or Degree
  2. The internship program must be at least FOUR (4) months period
  3. Willing to learn
  4. Great personality


Administrative Support
Student Development

Company Benefits

Public Transport Central

The office is near TBS station. It's just a 5-minute walk to the office!

Attendance Award

Employees will be rewarded for having a perfect attendance.

Parking Subsidy

All employees of KK are eligible for a subsidised parking cost!

Marriage Leave

5 days (1st legal marriage only)

Medical Claims

Employees are eligible for medical support!

Employee Discount

Employees are eligible for discounts @ all KK's retail shops and its subsidiaries!

Additional Info

Company Activity

Last active - few days ago

Experience Level


Career Level


Job Specialisation

Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, IT - Software Development

Company Profile

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KK Supermart and Superstore Sdn Bhd

On 16th of January 2001, it marked the dawn of KK Supermart, founded by Datuk Seri Dr. KK Chai together with the participation of his siblings. The humble beginning of KK Supermart occupied the ground floor of a shop lot at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park in Kuala Lumpur with the initial capital of only RM60,000.00. With true commitment, well-thought strategies and immediate implementation attitude, the company expanded its business to more than 600 units of retailing outlets spreading across Malaysian and abroad to Nepal and India. The numbers of the outlet is consistently growing and the company is expanding aggressively.

Holding onto tradition and paying homage to the past, KK Supermart is sustainable as a modernized mom-and-pop store providing an all year round 24 hours convenience service to the rakyat for their daily essentials. The company is well aware of the contemporary and near future needs, hence, strives to meet both expectations resulting in a vast variety of the latest household products with affordable prices.

KK Group is a group of companies nationwide via an extensive network of industries and sectors. Our business divisions range from food retail, Food & Beverage, e-Business, Hospitality, Automobile, Manufacturing, Sports and Real Estate Development.



 ​To provide consumer convenience globally. 


  • Continue to procure and widen product range from reputed vendors & suppliers
  • Continue to develop proprietary product range
  • Maintain competitiveness through better value-for-money for our product range
  • Instill customers’ confidence through professionalism in our service​
  • Pursuance in fulfilling of our social obligation as a responsible corporate citizen through adherence to professional ethics in all areas of our business dealings
  • Establish a strong corporate identity and image
  • Form a lasting partnership with our Business Partners, Associates, Vendors and Suppliers
  • Forge close team spirit amongst all staff and across all levels



KK Supermart and Superstore Sdn Bhd


Bandar Tasi Selatan