Operation Executive (Mandarin Speaker)

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This job is for an Operation Executive who speaks Mandarin. You might like this job because it offers career advancement in 1-2 years and manages daily operations, stock & material, quality checks, and the E-Commerce department. Enjoy perks like an allowance, lunch, and annual bonuses.

RM 3200 - RM 4200

Sungai Buloh


Job Description

This position provides career development opportunities for middle management within 1-2 years. This position will directly report to top management in the organization. 

We just moved into a new factory to accommodate rapid growth. Hence, we are in need of energetic and passionate individuals who are looking to fast-track their careers:

  • Manage daily operations in the company.
  • Stock and material order management.
  • Conduct quality checks on products.
  • Manage our newly established E-Commerce department

Perks & Benefits

  • Allowance (travel stipends, transportation, etc.)
  • Lunch Included
  • Annual bonus

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree, STPM/A-Level or equivalent. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply. 
  • Excellent command of Mandarin and English languages.
  • Professional knowledge of general operations practices and processes will be an added advantage.

Core Competencies

  • Able to multi-task in a fast-paced, customer-first environment
  • Good and effective communication and interpersonal skills, especially in cross-departmental communication.
  • Self-motivated individual. Highest ability to work independently and in conjunction with the Head of Business Development & Operations, represent and back up lead as necessary.
  • Must be able to align with overall department and company direction.
  • Positive, objective focus, and strong reasoning attitude is a must.
  • Excellent follow through capability; demands high level of performance from self and others. Strong planning and organisation skills.
  • Good crisis management skills. An ability to grasp complex issues quickly and communicate those issues concisely, accurately and within timescales.
  • Computer literate with good Word, Excel, PowerPoint skills and Microsoft Outlook, able to work with Data and detail orientated

We are looking for young passionate individuals who are eager to advance their career 

You are a disciplined, proactive and innovative person. 

You can work well as an individual contributor as well as a team player. 

You are a curious learner and always want to know more. You are flexible, adapt quickly and know how to harmonize the workload

If this is you, apply now & advance your career to the next level with OMM Graphic! 


Business Operations
Operations Management
Adaptive Equipment
Quality Control
Quality Management
Quality Assurance

Company Benefits

Teamwork Culture

We cherish talent especially young generation with innovative idea and gather together as a team to strive forward our goal!

Company Activities

We hold annual Company Dinner, Trips and Team Building Retreat for our employees.

Well Being

Feeling under the weather? We provide Annual Leave, Medical Leave for your well-being.

Career progressions

In our fast pace working enviroment, we acknowledge your hard work and support by providing career path for your future.

Monetary Rewards

Your task achievement will be rewarded with Incentives, Comissions, and Performance Bonus!

Additional Info

Experience Level


Job Specialisation

General Sales, Key Account / Relationship Management, Manufacturing Operations

Company Profile

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Operation Executive (Mandarin Speaker)

OMM Graphic

RM 3200 - RM 4200

Sungai Buloh


This job is no longer available