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This job is for a Special Projects and Expansion Manager with a focus on managing projects, conducting market research, and improving staff productivity. You might like this job because it has a variety of tasks and opportunities for enhancing existing products.

RM 4000 - RM 5500

Section 13, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Job Description

As a Special Projects and Expansion Manager, your responsibilties will be as below; 

  • Manage projects in various areas by planning, implementing, establishing KPIs, and following up.
  • Conduct market research based on certain specific inquiries and prepare written reports on the same.
  • Come up with unique ideas to sharpen the staff’s work and create tools to make the work quicker, more accurate, and point.
  • Reviewing recommendations given by the members of the staff and preparing reports on the useful ones among them.
  • Refining existing products by the company and define clear strategies to help the same products perform better in the market.
  • Research and give recommendations on procurement processes and issues that might arise with any of the vendors.
  • Manage contracts and review them for any discrepancies that need to be rectified.
  • Gauge the performance of the various teams and recommend areas that need improvement and possible changes to achieve the targets.
  • Provide additional support when the workload is heavy to ensure that none of the teams are short on staffing when needed.
  • Ensure that all the important tasks are assigned with clarity. A proper chain of work is being followed to avoid confusion during the various stages of project development and marketing.
  • Provide additional support as necessary.
  • Ensure timely completion of projects.

Job Requirements

To be successful in your application for this role, you must possess the following;

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Sales, Management or a related field 
  • A minimum of 2 years working experience within a similar field 
  • Curiosity and an entrepreneurial mindset that helps professionals to make the best out of the opportunities they’re presented with and see things differently
  • Ability to travel internationally often as well as flexibility to stay in a different country for anywhere between 1-2 months at a time


Analytical Skills
Market Research
Research And Development
Business Expansion
Critical Thinking

Company Benefits

Regional based local company

We are expanding fast, and there are travelling opportunities

A BetterPlace company

Part of Asia's largest Human Capital SaaS platform

Accelerate You Growth

Your career and personal growth is our priority and we ensure that in our fast-paced environment

Competitive Leave Entitlement

TROOPERS offers a competitive leave structure, including Flexi-Fridays for a better work-life balance.

Dynamic Work Culture with Real Impact

TROOPERS fosters a dynamic work culture that thrives on innovation and collaboration. The best idea wins!

Flexible Working Hours

TROOPERS offers flexible working hours to accommodate diverse lifestyles.

Additional Info

Company Activity

Last active - few hours ago

Experience Level

1 - 3 Years of Experience

Job Specialisation

General Project Management


Special Projects & Expansion Manager


RM 4000 - RM 5500

Section 13, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


This job is no longer available