Inventory Control Supervisor

Low Seat Hoong Sdn Bhd

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This job is Inventory Control Supervisor. You might like this job because you will be responsible for receiving and recording goods accurately, ensuring stock accuracy, and enforcing safety measures. Benefits include insurance, EPF, SOCSO, and medical benefits.

RM 2700 - RM 3300

Pandan Indah Industries,Ampang


Job Description


  • Goods RECEIVED in correct QUANTITY & QUALITY(Quality Check)
  • Goods RECEIVED key in system Accurately (Goods Receive Notes)
  • Finished Packing Goods from every company, RECEIVED & RECORD accurately and on time
  • Goods RETURN to supplier on time and Accurately
  • Stock Accuracy and Cycle Count
  • Warehouse Safety & Performance Index
  • Monitor & enforce Receiving& Return SOP 
  • To ensure every items received with bar code
  • Create and paste bar code to those item without bar code upon arrive
  • Inventory reports
  • With skills of : Leadership, Responsibility and Communication
  • Able Handle stress
  • Able to drive Forklift is an advantage


  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Provides EPF,SOCSO,EIS
  • Panel Doctor
  • Medical benefits
  • Parking available
  • Performance Bonus / Increment / Performance Allowance
  • Annual Dinner / Team building
  • Maternity Leave / Paternity Leave
  • Staff Purchase Discount
  • Monthly Engagement / Birthday Celebration
  • Annual Leave, Medical Leave And Public Holiday

Additional Benefits

  • Annual Leave
  • Medical and Hospitalisation Leave
  • Annual Bonus
  • Medical Insurance
  • Allowance Provided
  • Performance Bonus
  • Overtime Pay
  • Staff Discount
  • Medical Claim
  • Performance Incentive
  • Company Trip

Job Requirements


  • Possess at least a certificate related of manufacturing or production Diploma/Degree or equivalent
  • SPM and above graduates are welcome! Training will be provided
  • Proficient in Mandarin (able to speak and read), English and Malaysia
  • Basic knowledge for Microsoft Office
  • Excellent communicator
  • Strong Leadership and communication skills
  • Proven track record of achieving department targets
  • Assist other departments as needed
  • Willing to work in the wholesale and retail food industry
  • Must be able to work in Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur
  • Must be able to work during the following working hours:
    • (Monday - Friday) 8:00am - 5:00pm
    • (Saturday) 8:00 am - 1:00 pm


Mandarin Chinese
Administrative Support
Chinese Language
Data Warehousing
Warehouse Operations
Receiving Procedures
Inventory Control
Stocks (Inventory)
Food Services

Company Benefits

Staff Purchase

Why go other place to buy Home Cook food products when you can get staff purchase discount!

Medical Benefits

Panel Clinic, Staff Insurance and Etc. We Got you Fully Covered!

Company Activities

We hold annual Company Dinner, Trips and Team Building Retreat for our employees.

Well Being

Feeling under the weather? Short Getaway? We provide Annual Leave, Birthday Leave, Medical Leave and dental coverage for your well-being.

Career progressions

In our fast pace working enviroment, we acknowledge your hard work and support by providing career path for your future.

Monetary Rewards

Your task achievement will be rewarded with Incentives, Comissions, and Performance Bonus!

Additional Info

Company Activity

Last active - few hours ago

Experience Level

10 - 20 Years of Experience

Career Level

Senior Executive

Job Specialisation

Operations & Admin, Other, Supply Chain & Logistics

Company Profile

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Low Seat Hoong Sdn Bhd

Welcome to Low Seat Hoong Sdn Bhd, a pioneering name in the culinary landscape of Malaysia with an impressive legacy of over 40 years as the premier wholesale food supplier for restaurants. Since our establishment in [1982], we have been the driving force behind countless dining experiences, providing top-quality ingredients that elevate culinary creations and define the flavors of Malaysia.

Our Journey:

For four decades, Low Seat Hoong Sdn Bhd has been an integral part of the culinary tapestry of Malaysia. Our journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to excellence, an unwavering passion for food, and a dedication to enriching the culinary landscape with the finest ingredients.

Our Expertise:

Expertise is the foundation of our success. With decades of experience, we have honed our skills in sourcing and supplying an extensive range of premium ingredients. From farm-fresh produce to specialized culinary essentials, our portfolio caters to the diverse needs of restaurants, empowering chefs to craft extraordinary dishes.

What Sets Us Apart:

  1. Unparalleled Quality: Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that every ingredient we supply meets the highest standards, contributing to exceptional dining experiences.
  2. Culinary Partnership: We view ourselves as culinary partners to our clients. Our team collaborates closely with chefs, understanding their unique visions and requirements, and providing tailored solutions that enhance their culinary creations.
  3. Diverse Culinary Solutions: Our extensive range of ingredients mirrors the rich tapestry of Malaysian cuisine. Whether it's traditional flavors or innovative concepts, we provide the building blocks for culinary artistry.
  4. Reliability and Efficiency: Timely and efficient distribution is our commitment. We recognize the importance of a seamless supply chain to restaurant operations, ensuring that our ingredients reach kitchens when they are needed.
  5. Passion for Flavor: Flavor drives our passion. We share a deep love for the art of cooking, and our mission is to infuse every dish with the authentic, vibrant tastes that define Malaysian gastronomy.

Join the Culinary Journey:

Low Seat Hoong Sdn Bhd invites you to be a part of our rich legacy and join us in celebrating over 40 years of culinary excellence. Whether you're a celebrated restaurant or an emerging culinary star, together, let's shape the future of Malaysian dining, create unforgettable culinary experiences, and continue to enrich the culinary traditions that make Malaysia a gastronomic paradise. Experience the difference that decades of expertise, unwavering quality, and a passion for flavor can make.


Inventory Control Supervisor

Low Seat Hoong Sdn Bhd

RM 2700 - RM 3300

Pandan Indah Industries,Ampang